On this page you will find six research papers in pdf format. These are freely available for you to use. Please acknowledge their authors and The Bewick Society should you find these useful.

The Bewick Society regularly publishes new research in its journal, The Cherryburn Times.

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Bewick's Library

This list has been made because the books owned by Thomas Bewick and his children seem to be interestingly numerous and varied. It is certainly incomplete. The information derived from the original source is given, and the source is identified.

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Family History FAQ

Thomas and Isabella had four children but all died unmarried and childless. The Bewick Society often receives requests for information about the Bewick family. We have prepared this guide for would-be researchers. Updated 2021.

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Family Tree

The Bewick Family Tree including a pedigree of Thomas and his children, and of William Bewick's many descendants, created by Nora Hancock, on show at Cherryburn. It was first published in Cherryburn Times Volume 5, number 2 (Easter 2007).

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Thomas Bewick's Apprentices

'Thomas Bewick's Apprentices' by Alan Angus was published in the series History of the Book Trade in the North as PH 62 - 1993. This PDF copy courtesy the Natural History Society of Northumbria.

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The First Part of an Inventory of the Vignettes of Thomas Bewick and the Beilby-Bewick Workshop October 2012. This pdf was produced by David Gardner-Medwin and Peter Osborne.

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A wide-ranging bibliography updated in 2015. Includes sections Getting Started, Modern Scholarship, The Memoir, Bewick in the Nineteenth Century.