About the Bewick Society

Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) Wood Engraver, naturalist and Northumberland's Greatest Artist

The aim of the Bewick Society is to promote an interest in the life and work of Thomas Bewick and related subjects, especially with regard to wood-engraving. The Society publishes a journal called the Cherryburn Times, normally twice a year. This provides a forum for the activities of the Society and keeps members informed about the latest research into the life and work of Bewick and his apprentices. Members publish articles about their own special interests where relevant to the Society. The Society also arranges visits to special collections, some of which are not normally open to the general public. It encourages the development of facilities for conservation and display of Bewick related materials, including wood-engraving as practised by those following in Bewick’s footsteps


President: Nigel Tattersfield F.S.A.

Vice-President: Hugh Dixon

Chair: Peter Quinn

Honorary Treasurer: Simon Harris

Membership Secretary: June Holmes

Editor, Cherryburn Times: ....

Bewick Society email: bewick.society@newcastle.ac.uk

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Twitter @BewickSociety